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News & Events

2018 MD’s New Year Message

2018 MD's New Year Message

I would like to wish everyone a good year ahead this new year. We have recently crossed the third quarter of the current financial year and I am heartened to announce that through the collective effort of JEL’s management and staff, we are on track to achieve the targeted sales and profit for FY2017. I know that many of you have worked very hard to bring the Group forward to what it is today and I would like to thank you.

In the recent years, the energy market has changed rapidly. The landscape for power projects, which is our core market, has become more competitive due to environmental awareness such as global warming and increased competition from competitors. There is now less reliance on traditional power generation sources such as coal and gas and I foresee that there will be a transition towards renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power generation as the technology improves and become more cost efficient. In fact, Governments around the world have started to make regulatory policy changes and have embraced technological advancements by subsidizing the development of renewable energy and introducing new emission controls, leaning towards more varieties of renewable energy.

How do we adapt to the shift in the energy markets driven by the promotion of environmental protection and climate change? We should position ourselves well to effectively respond to changes in the energy markets and our immediate challenge is to overcome the “imminent crisis” and its impact to our businesses. The three key measures that will steer us through the challenges are firstly, diversification and expansion of our engineering capabilities and establishing effective project management. At the same time, we must proactively invest in strategic areas which are critical to our survival in the energy as well as other industrial plant business. Through our development programs, we will create an environment for our people to develop multi skills, to be able to perform multi tasks and strive. This in turn will give us the flexibility to more effectively deploy and assign our resources to various projects. Over the years, we have been a trusted partner to our business associates and clients. The confidence our partners have in us is of utmost importance. It is built on effective project management skills and our ability to deliver projects with quality, on schedule, within budget and to customer’s satisfaction. We will work towards replicating our success in building the “JEL” brand in existing and new markets and businesses.

Secondly, it is essential to renew our organization and businesses structure to be lean, flexible and effective. As we face more challenging business conditions, we expect additional pressure on both our revenue and profits. I am pleased that staff from all levels have taken the effort and contributed significantly towards costs containment. We have to continue to manage expenses prudently and further reduce our operational costs to maintain our profit margin to be able to stay financially strong.

Thirdly, with the five core values which underpin the culture of the JEL Group, we want to establish a firm position in the project value chain in all our three core business segments: Construction, EPC as well as Maintenance Solutions which focuses on the repair and rehabilitation services after project delivery. And we believe this can be achieved through efficient utilization of resources across JEL group of companies, with the goal to further cement our pronounced strengths in the construction field.

Our management policy 2014 – 2018 has resulted in positive business developments and growth of JEL Group of Companies. Moving forward, we will further refine the initiatives under the current management policy to bring our business to new heights.

The Group will focus on its core businesses, and key markets will be expanded upon and tapped on to harness the potential from upcoming power development projects. Concurrently, we will expand and diversify our capabilities to enable us to seek and optimize global opportunities.

We should not be contented with past successes. But with the measures I have mentioned, we will stamp our mark as Asia’s best, and to be recognised as “Asia’s No. 1 Engineering and Construction Service Provider” as we approach our 50th anniversary and beyond.

I look forward to meeting you – both our local and overseas staff at our annual dinner and dance which will be held on 23 February 2018.

I wish you and your family good health and a happy new year.

Masao Akamatsu
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
January 2018

2017 MD’s New Year Message

2017 MD's New Year Message

I have great pleasure to report that the Group has continued to deliver creditable financial results last year. Our revenue was ahead of plan, against a challenging backdrop given the global economic slowdown. Our Profit before Tax for second half of the year outperformed the first half, largely attributed to margin revisions from both projects handled by JEL and our subsidiaries. To align with the financial year end of IHI Corporation,there will be a change in the Company’s financial year end from 31 December to 31 March. Consequently, the current financial year will cover a period of 15 months from 1 January 2016 to 31 March 2017.

All our core businesses have established good presence in the global market. During the year, we commenced work for an EPC project in Mozambique, and were also engaged in the construction of a combined cycle power plant in Myanmar. Our Construction division fared well, as we took on several new projects in Thailand and Malaysia. The performance of our Maintenance business was exceptional as we achieved a new record in terms of sales and profit. As a core business, we expect it to grow and expand further. At the same time, we
will continue to leverage on the strong relationships with our business partners and actively seek opportunities to achieve sustainable growth.

I would like to thank the Management and Staff for their dedication and hardwork. Needless to say, they have contributed immensely to our sustained performance. My appreciation extends to all our business partners and customers for their trust and continued support.

Effectively, from 1 January 2017, there has been a transition in our Senior Management. Mr Koh Kew Sek has taken over as the Chief Operating Officer from Mr Tsai Chau Ching. Mr Koh has relinquished his role as Managing Director of Thai Jurong Engineering Limited to Mr Edwin Wong. On behalf of the Management, I would like to place on record our gratitude to Mr Tsai for his invaluable contribution. Under Mr Tsai’s leadership as Chief Operating Officer, JEL flourished and achieved new milestones in terms of new jobs secured, record revenue and profit. He played a pivotal role in charting the strategic directions of the Group, and the successful expansion of our geographical footprint of our core businesses. Mr Tsai will continue to play an active role as advisor to JEL. In every organisation, the smooth transition and development of talents are critical to the long term sustainable growth. In recognition, Mr Ramanathan Balasubramanian has been appointed an Executive Officer of JEL.

We have continued to gain traction in the initiatives implemented by the various departments and subsidiaries since the launch of the five-year “JEL Group Management Policies”. Particularly noteworthy are the furtherance of the Group’s integrated business model through various platforms including human resources, finance, risk management, technology, marketing and safety initiatives. People are our most important assets, and we have designed development and training programmes to support career growth, management succession and continuity. We remained strong financially, as we continued to support the expansion growth by providing the financial flexibility to access capital for our investment requirements as well as a sound financial framework to ensure we minimise our financial risks. To-date, new jobs are added to the slew of projects in our pipeline from all our core businesses, reflecting our marketing department’s resilience in the face of the economic slowdown and increasingly competitive landscape where we operate.

Cost containment strategies will be introduced to cushion the impact of the economic slowdown and the increased competition. As it will be difficult to predict the impact of the economic slowdown, the increased competition and future market trends, maintaining current sales and profitability will be a challenge. It is therefore the Management’s request that there must be a concerted effort by each and every employee at all levels of the JEL Group to realize and participate in the cost containment drive that will be introduced in stages. Potential for improvements to perform at a higher level to increase productivity should also be assessed and adopted.

Providing superior and comprehensive solutions to our customers worldwide should be our reference point, that we focus to deliver higher quality and safety standards in every project that we undertake. We strive to achieve zero accident at our workplaces, as we believe all incidents and injuries are preventable.

As we enter into a brand new year and although our financial year has not yet ended, may we all reflect on 2016 and ask ourselves whether we have achieved what we set out to do from the beginning of the year. Once we set our goals, do not lose sight and continue to grow unabated year to year. Consistent hardwork over time is something which we must not take for granted. I hope JEL will one day be a focal point for construction and engineering services in the markets we operate. Let me wish you and your family good health and a brighter new year.

Hiroshi Ide
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
January 2017

JEL Bowling Championship 2016

JEL Bowling Championship 2016

Event Date: 
27 May 2016
Event Name:
 “JEL Bowling Championship 2016″

Once again, it’s time for the Annual JEL Bowling Championship. This year, the event was held on 27 May 2016 at the Civil Service Club, Bukit Batok. Sixty participants were divided into teams of 4 players per team. The evening started off with a generous buffet spread of International Cuisine for both our enthusiastic bowlers and their band of supporters. It was the intent of the championship that no “strong or favoured team(s)” would be intentionally formed. As a rule, except the seeded men and ladies in each team, all other team members were selected by way of drawing lots.

 The competition was a close and evenly matched battle from the start. The bowlers struggled to give their best effort, despite the lack of practice, to excel in the competition. The fervent supporters were, on the other hand, relentlessly motivating, encouraging and noisily cheering their teams to do their best, to the point of becoming hoarse.

One thing is for certain though, everyone was really enjoying themselves—laughing, jeering and cheering whenever the teams got ‘strikes’ or ‘picked up spares’! With so much excitement in the air, no one felt bored and the adrenaline kept pumping. Laughter erupted throughout the whole evening and there was never a dull moment. Eventually, the competition came to a close with Mr Alan Phang, GM of Human Resources & Administration Division, and Mr Jeffrey Tan, HOD of HSE Department, giving away prizes to the top 4 winners of the Individual Men and Ladies title, top 4 teams and 4 consolation teams (via Lucky Draw). To put the icing on the cake, our CEO & MD, Mr Hiroshi Ide, contributed additional prizes to all the Champions.

Everyone went home a “Winner” as they had either received valuable prizes, or enjoyed the sumptuous food served, or simply had a jolly good time enjoying the excitement. It was a truly extraordinary team bonding event. As the saying goes, “laughter is the best medicine!”

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Nature Walk

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Nature Walk

Event Date: 
02 April 2016
Event Name:
 “Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Nature Walk”

On the sunny Saturday morning of 2 April 2016, over 20 staff gave up the sweet comfort of their beds and turned up for a walk at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Organised by the SRC, the walk aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle and a deeper appreciation of Singapore’s natural heritage.

The Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve consists of 202 hectares of mangroves, mudflats, ponds and secondary forest. It is an oasis rich in biodiversity, and is home to many unique plants and animals as well as a wintering ground for migratory birds, some flying all the way here from Russia! It certainly did not disappoint, as participants spotted crocodiles, mud skippers, some really REALLY big spiders, different types of birds, including egrets and herons, and even a monitor lizard!

Furthermore, it was the first time the ladies were so excited and happy to see a buaya! (A “buaya” literally means “crocodile” in the Malay language, but also used to connote a lothario, womaniser or flirt.)

It was amazing that the National Parks Board took such care to ensure that the man-made structures blended in with the surroundings. The trip had certainly been a rare experience for urban city dwellers, as the participants did not expect such ‘nature’ to exist in Singapore. It was like stepping into another world. You could even see Johor Bahru across the Straits of Johor. A big thank you to the SRC for organising this interesting and fun activity, and Mr Samsul for taking all these wonderful photographs. As the saying goes, “Health is Wealth”. So, join us for the next SRC walk and let’s get “rich” together!

JEL’s Annual Staff Party 2016

JEL’s Annual Staff Party 2016

Event Date: 
26 February 2016
Event Name:
 “JEL’s Annual Staff Party 2016″
“Rock and Roll Night”

This year’s staff party was held on 26 February 2016 at the Pan Pacific Hotel. This time round, the theme for the event was “Rock and Roll Night”. Many of our staff came dressed to the theme as rock stars from different eras. Even our Managing Director’s wife sportingly dressed for the occasion as a pretty and cool rock star! Prior to the commencement of the dinner, we had pre-activities set up at the foyer for our guests and staff to enjoy. There was an instant photo booth with props, temporary tattoo counter, and light sticks for guests and staff to play with.

Our Managing Director and CEO, Mr Hiroshi Ide, made his speech before dinner commenced with Lou Hei—with everyone joining in unison to wish for luck and prosperity for the new year. Mr Hiroshi Ide then proceeded to present the Excellent Safety Performance Awards for the year 2015 to the following projects— Az-Zour North, Kuwait; GSK Singapore; North Bangkok Combined Cycle Power Plant Project; and Manjung Track 3A and BLNG Cogen II Project.

The top honour, however, went to the BLNG Cogen II Project, which won the “Champion of Champions” title for having the best Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance amongst all the JEL work sites in 2015. A live band kept the guests and staff entertained during the dinner with many familiar and catchy rock songs, much to the delight of the audience. In addition, we also had a Karaoke Competition for our staff. Eight finalists showed off their singing and dancing talents on stage.

Eventually, Mr. Taishi Sumida won the judges over with his entertaining and humorous performance. All in all, it was a wonderful night where everyone got to relax, have fun and got to know each other better!

Lion Dance Performance to Usher in Luck and Prosperity in the Year of the Monkey

Lion Dance Performance to Usher in Luck and Prosperity in the Year of the Monkey

Event Date: 18 February 2016
Event Name:
 “Lion Dance Performance to Usher in Luck and Prosperity in the Year of the Monkey”

Lion Dance is a traditional art form that incorporates physical training commonly associated with martial arts and esthetic expressions. The lion dance is an excellent example of Chinese folk culture, which has spread across the world with Chinese immigration. Overseas Chinese in Europe, America, etc., have established many lion dance clubs, performing on Chinese festivals or big occasions, particularly Chinese New Year for good luck, as it is believed that the lion is an auspicious animal. Performed in a resplendent lion costume, accompanied by the beating of drums, clashing of cymbals and resounding gongs, the dance imitates a lion’s movements and agility.

At the invitation of our recreation club, the dragon and lions from a Lion Dance Troupe took centre stage at the stroke of 11.00am on 18 February 2016, to usher in good luck and fortune in the Year of the Monkey—much to the delight of the Management and staff, who were present to revel in the lunar new year celebratory mood.

The lions danced to the beat of the drums and gongs. The eyelids of the lions twinkled with bobbing head movements supposedly to enhance their vitality and longevity. Close to a hundred JEL staffs gathered at the JEL compound near the lobby, enthralled and entertained by the acrobatic moves of the two lions.

Performed by a dozen dancers, the dragon made wave-like movements in chase of a pearl, symbolising the pursuit of wisdom. This was followed by the lions performing the traditional custom of “cai qing” or “picking of greens”. The dance routine involved the picking of auspicious vegetables which were hung high up—a symbolic act which signified abundance for the year. The lions were then rewarded with mandarin oranges; after which, they spat out the orange skin and pith, representing good luck. The fruits were arranged into auspicious words and numbers before being presented to our MD & CEO, Mr Hiroshi Ide, with wishes for a year of stability and prosperity.

After the dance performance, staff crowded round the display of mandarin oranges in an attempt to figure out the combination of numbers to try their lottery luck. Perhaps, there were a few lucky winners amongst us?

Celebrating JEL’s 10th Anniversary

Celebrating JEL’s 10th Anniversary

Event Date: 03 December 2015
Event Name:
 “Celebrating JEL’s 10th Anniversary”

On 3 December 2015, JEL hosted a dinner to mark its 10th anniversary at the Sentosa Golf Club. The celebration was timely, as the company had just achieved yet another year of
record-breaking sales and profits.

In 2005, IHI Corporation acquired majority ownership of JEL. The few years preceding the takeover were the most turbulent in JEL’s history. IHI’s decision breathed new life into the company and ever since, the company has grown from strength to strength. The event was attended by some 200 JEL staff and guests, including representatives from JEL’s subsidiaries in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. We were honoured to have Mr Domoto, Managing Executive Officer and President of IHI’s Energy & Plant Operations, to grace the occasion.

In his speech, Mr Domoto congratulated JEL for its remarkable performance in the past decade and thanked JEL’s management and staff who have made this possible. He ended his speech by presenting a letter of appreciation and a special gift from Mr Saito—President of IHI Corporation—to JEL’s Chairman, Mr Bob Tan, and our Director, Mr Andrew Lim. The dinner and drinks that followed were fabulous. A myriad selection of seafood, Japanese food and local delights lined the tables, and free flow of wine made for a perfect end to the night.

The Annual JEL Staff Party, “Bountiful Harvest”

The Annual JEL Staff Party, “Bountiful Harvest``

Event Date: 13 Februrary 2015
Event Name: Annual JEL Staff Party 2015
Theme: “Bountiful Harvest”


The Annual JEL Staff Party was held at the W Hotel Sentosa Cove on 13 February 2015. The theme for the party was “Bountiful Harvest”.

Everybody dressed elegantly for the occasion, as a special prize would be awarded to the “best
dressed” male and female. 
At the pre-dinner reception, staff were entertained with activities such as live photo printing, Chinese paper cutting and Chinese calligraphy. Guests and staff were welcomed by our very own God of Wealth who gave gold coins to all.

The celebration started with a lion dance performance; and we were mesmerized by the colourful
LED lights on the lions, which glowed splendidly in the dark ballroom.

This was followed by a welcome speech and toast from our Managing Director, Mr Hiroshi Ide.
Thereafter, the first batch of lucky draw results was announced, followed by the presentation of Safety Awards.
Food was then served and everyone enjoyed the sumptuous dinner.
The eventful party proceeded with games, and performances such as Face-Changing Showtime, and Echo and Bounce.
More prizes were given out to lucky draw winners; and the best dressed male and female were awarded with $500 each.

JEL Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festivel

JEL Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festivel

Event Date: 03 September 2014
Event Name: “JEL Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festivel”


The Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival.  This popular festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, and is widely celebrated by the Chinese community in Singapore. Every year in Chinatown, the centre stage of the celebration, the streets are brightly lit with colourful lanterns and other dazzling decorations. Mooncakes are eaten during the festival. They are round, come in various flavours, and symbolise the unity and reunion of a family.

Close to the festival, many events are organised by different groups such as Chinese associations, residential communities, government and business organisations. There are activities such as Chinese culture performances, games, lantern-making competitions, and mooncake and Chinese tea appreciation under the moonlit sky. This is also an occasion for most families to gather around to enjoy dinner and mooncakes with their loved ones. Mooncakes are commonly presented as well-wishing gifts to business associates, parents and elders.

On 3rd September 2014, JEL’s Social & Recreation Committee (SRC) organised a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. As part of the event, a short skit depicting the tale of the Mid-Autumn Festival was performed by SRC members, who acted as Chang Er, Hou Yi and Feng Meng. It was an enlivening performance, punctuated by lots of laughter and cheers from the audience. The staff enjoyed the performance wholeheartedly and eagerly took pictures with the performers.
Staff were then treated to pomelos and a varied spread of mooncakes. Other than the traditional baked mooncakes, there was a good mix of snowskin mooncakes, mooncakes stuffed with nuts, fruits and chocolate, and of course, the all-time favourite—durian-flavoured mooncakes!

It was a successful event and an enjoyable experience for JEL’s staff. They not only got a chance to gather and enjoy each other’s company, but also learned the story behind the Mid-Autumn Festival through an entertaining skit, and savoured pomelos and the wide variety of mooncakes.